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Games Are Better With Replays™

Did you roll a 5 or a 6? You will win or lose based on what you do next—but you were talking and you can’t remember what you rolled. Everyone is looking at you, and since your hands are shaking, you’ve now knocked over the pieces. What do you do?

Replays™ is a simple app that lets your phone record the game and play it back. You can resolve disputes or jog your memory easily. You can correct and avoid mistakes. Everyone gets a fair and exciting game. And when you get to the end, your favourite argument over who should have won is even better with a video!

Best of all, if life happens on hour three of a five-hour game, you can pick up the pieces knowing you’ll be able to start right where you left off. Or, set up the same board again so you can prove who really plays it better.

Tabletop games get better with Replays™.

Our Quest

We’re on a quest! Will you help us?

Our company is on a journey to make great products that mix real-world gaming with the magic of technology and augmented reality. Replays™ is our pilot ship, and we’re excited to set out on the journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Replays™?

Replays™ is an app that allows for easy recording and streamlined playback of your favorite tabletop games. Now, you can enhance your tabletop experience, resolve disputes and discussions, and easily save and resume real-world games using your iPhone or iPad. Plus prove to your friends what a boss you are.

What is Project Sentinel?

Project Sentinel is a project devoted to the intersection between real-world gaming and the magic of technology-augmented reality. Remember the chess set with the monsters from the original Star Wars movie? We’re incredibly inspired by these kinds of visionary works of science fiction, and we’re working to bring these kinds of cutting-edge technologies into the gaming world one step at a time. Our first step is the Replays™ app.

What do I need to use Replays™?

What does the app require? Simply an iPhone or iPad, and a way to prop up or suspend either above the game table. (We’ll have one of our favourite “arm” devices available directly through us, but there are many great products to do this). You’ll also need a tabletop game, of course, and we’d recommend inviting a few friends.

When will Replays™ be released?

We don't have a set date yet. Magic takes time! Help encourage the poor slaves in our coding mine to harvest code faster by tweeting to @RealVibeApps.

Is Replays™ a time lapse video?

Replays™ is more intelligent than a time lapse recording, since rather than recording a frame every (say) 20 seconds, the app stores frames only when the board is clear of players’ hands.

You can review the game from an iPad through a network link - so you don't need to grab your phone down from the cradle, just to see an instant replay. It’s quick, easy, and adds instant fun to any discussion of the game!

Why doesn’t your video feature a cat rampaging over your game?

The cat was operating the video camera, so was unfortunately too busy to feature in the video.


Change Detection

Using “Computer Vision” techniques, the Replays™ app is designed to capture images where the player’s hands are not obscuring the view of the camera.

Instant Replay

The instant replay shows the last 30 seconds (or your preferred time) at a higher framerate, also allowing you to freeze frame and zoom in on the tabletop.

Replay Game

When you have finished your game, you can review it from the start, move by move.

Share Game Replay

You can share your full game replay with your friends.

Game History

Add some key information about the games you play:
  • the name of the game
  • who's playing
  • the final scores
You can keep a detailed history of all of them!

WiFi Connectivity

Simply connect to the Sentinel app from other iOS devices using your local WiFi network, or use the "adhoc network" feature for those times when WiFi isn't available.

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